Snorkeling Summer in Plett

Written by AmakayaBP

Summertime in Plett is a time of gloriously warm days, very little wind and calm, clear waters. Due to the sheltering arm of Robberg Peninsula, many of the beaches of Plett are often flat as a lake and perfect for a spot of snorkeling.

One of our favourite places to go for a snorkel is Plett’s Central Beach, just to the left of the Beacon Island Hotel. The reef there is known as Redbait Reef due to the abundance of Redbait, an sea-squirt that the fish absolutely adore! Redbait is a popular bait for fishermen and works just as well to attract the fish underwater.

Redbait Reef ranges in depth from 1m to 6m, making it a perfect and accessible reef for snorkelers of all ages. In the summer months, the reef becomes a nursery for species such as Red Roman, Redfinger and Two-Toned Finger Fin amongst others and the reef can sometimes look like a garden with these tiny juveniles “buzzing” around the coral.


The reef is also quite colourful with purple soft coral, orange wall sponge and blue choirboys creating a stunning backdrop for the many fish that congregate in the warmer shallow waters. Larger species such as blue spotted rays, seals, dolphins, octopus and shysharks are sometimes spotted to the delight of snorkelers.

So, if you are travelling to Plettenberg Bay, bring along your mask, snorkel and fins for a bit of underwater exploring, or book a guided snorkeling excursion with the local dive operator – they will point out some of the more interesting species!

If you are a qualified scuba diver, have a read through our blog on Scuba Diving in Plett or if you fancy something even more thrilling, you might enjoy an excursion to the seal colony, Snorkeling with the Seals