Plett Winter Fun

Written by AmakayaBP

When you take a stroll along the beach in Plett in the middle of July, you could be forgiven for thinking that you’re in the wrong hemisphere! Surely this couldn’t be winter in Plett? The sun is shining overhead, there isn’t a breathe of wind and there are enough other people out enjoying the sunshine that you’re not at all isolated!

However, the best thing about Plett’s “Secret Season” is probably that there aren’t that many people around – you can find parking easily, good service and no queues at restaurants and every possible thing you could think of to do – is easily accessible with minimal fuss and no high season stress! So what’s not to love?

Well honestly, the oceans not that warm and the mornings and evenings do have a slight nip in the air – but nothing to complain about, really! There is an upside to these things too – the colder water welcomes the Southern Right and Humpback whales to the bay in the winter months and the cooler weather allows for refreshing morning hikes and evenings around the fireplace, sampling the local Plett Wineland produce.


We’ve put together a Must-Do List for your Plett Winter Holiday (check out our super special Amakaya Winter Special below):

Hike Robberg Peninsula : this is a must at any time of the year!

Plett Winelands: the new Plett Winelands currently has 16 producing vineyards with several tasting rooms and eateries to explore

Plett Birding: if you’re an aficionado or beginner – the variety of bird species and ecosystems is sure to delight

Whale Watching and Marine Safaris: winter is the best time of year to see these marine giants

Horseriding Safari at Plett Game Reserve: one of the best safaris around!

There’s plenty more to do and see – we can give you all the info you need – just ask!