Plett Downhill Rage

Written by AmakayaBP

Ready, set, rage… Plett is gearing up for the 2nd annual Plett Downhill Rage!

The Downhill Rage is an extreme longboard skating event that takes place at the beginning of the Plett Rage Student Festival. The iconic Odlands Street, a steep and winding hill, leading to the beaches of Plett, is closed down for the day as racers careen down the hill at breakneck speeds!

It’s an excellent spectator sport, and this year, visitors can choose to watch the action live along the route or sit in comfort at The Table Restaurant, where live streaming will ensure that fans don’t miss a thing. Odlands is a very short walk from Amakaya Backpackers.

So if you’re a fan of speed and extreme sports, you won’t want to miss this event. Check out the Plett Downhill Rage teaser video below – it’s going to be thrilling and we can’t wait!