Plett Beaches - Lookout Beach

Written by AmakayaBP

The beaches of Plettenberg Bay are some of the most beautiful in South Africa and the return of the popular Lookout Beach is cause for celebration. Where did Lookout Beach go? Well in 2007, a huge flood of the Keurbooms River combined with rough seas, washed away a huge section of beach as the river mouth washed away over 300m of sand, rock and vegetation as it flooded.

Now, after a few years and another flood, the river mouth has shifted again, and the Lookout Beach is back! The beach is popular during the day, with sunbathers and surfers and the adjoining lagoon with kite surfers and SUP paddlers. At sunset, the waves and mountains are highlighted by the setting sun, creating a lovely palate of colour perfect for photographers!


The beach is a short drive from Amakaya Backpackers and there are two great waterside restaurants with good fod and stunning views, Lemongrass Restaurant & Lookout Deck.  Another reason to visit the Lookout Beach is to search for the elusive and delicate pansy shell. If your heart is set on finding a pansy shell, head down to Lookout Beach on the low tide, stroll through the shallows and keep your eyes open – you never know what you might find!