Written by AmakayaBP

Here at Amakaya, we are thrilled that hiking is permitted in Level 3 of South Africa’s COVID-19 Lockdown, as there are so many wonderful walks to enjoy around our beautiful region and, with the loosening of regulations around national parks and CapeNature reserves, there are so many reasons to lace up your walking shoes, slather on some sunscreen and hit the trails…

Kranshoek Coastal Trail is not the easiest walk and, depending on the season, some sections may be impassable, but either way, you’re in for a super-special coastal walk. A favourite of ours is the cliff-side walk through the Fynbos overlooking the wild open ocean. Entrance via the SANparks gate in Harkerville (please visit www.SANparks.org for information on pre-booking during Level 3)

Nature’s Valley Network  is another favourite and home of both the final stretch of the famous Otter Trail and our beloved Salt River hike. A walk in this region will illustrate why this area is known as the Garden of Eden. No permits are required and various maps and info on birds and trees can be obtained at the SANparks office. This is a hiker’s and bird-watcher’s paradise with more-than panoramic views of the coastline and the mountains. You won’t regret a visit to Nature’s Valley.

Robberg Nature Reserve is without a doubt, Plett most popular and beloved hike. Holiday-makers, nature-lovers and trail runners are frequent visitors to the peninsula and, thrill of all thrills, you could see a great white shark cruising along the seal colony, on your hike! The trails ranging from light hiking (2.2kms), to the super-tough point hike (9.2kms). The raw beauty of this peninsula lures enthusiasts from far and wide and is very popular with the locals and tourists alike. (please visit www.capenature.co.za or information on pre-booking during Level 3).

Tsitsikamma National Park is another location that offers hikers a variety of choices from a walk in the forest to The Big Tree, the suspension bridge hike and, popular as the start of the Otter Trail, the waterfall hike. You’re spoiled for choice in Tsitsikamma and the unsurpasssed and pristine natural beauty of Africa’s oldest Marine Protected Area is evident (please visit www.SANparks.org for information on pre-booking during Level 3).

SANparks Garden Route 044 877 0046. Cape Nature 087 087 8250.