Wedge Classic 2013

Written by AmakayaBP

Wedge-Plett3Wedge Classic Bodyboarding Contest
3-5 July 2013
The Wedge, Plettenberg Bay

The Wedge is a favourite surf spot in South Africa, particularly for bodyboarders, and is the home of South Africa’s longest running bodyboarding contest, The Wedge Classic.  Plettenberg Bay is very proud to host this annual event in our small town, which brings riders and supporters from all over South Africa to our charming coastal town to enjoy the waves. Now, July is mid-winter in Plett; but you might not notice with generally mild weather. We do, however, enjoy winter storms which bring in some super swells for the contest.

The Wedge break is excellent as a bodyboarding wave, nestled up against a rocky outcrop – it produces a short & powerful barrel of a wave which enables riders to complete exciting aerial moves or ride the barrel. This makes for really exciting contest conditions.

Wedge-Plett2The Wedge Classic also lays claim to be being the longest running bodyboarding contest in the country, coming up on it’s 18th year running and is a favourite on the bodyboarding circuit. This often attracts some big name riders and the awesome Wedge wave ensures that spectators always have something fun to watch.

Plettenberg Bay is a really great spot to hold a contest of this nature. The town of Plett loves sporting events and there is always an air of festivity when we host contests of this nature. Being a small town, the beach is often within walking distance of most restaurants and accommodation and, for those not totally enamoured with watching bodyboarding 24/7, there are any number of activities to keep everyone happy.

We are running a super special for the Wedge Classic – so there really is no reason to miss this annual event in Plett – it’s a “Classic” :)

Our accommodation special for the Wedge Classic 2013:











Photos Courtesy of Rob Smith Photography