Upcoming Events in Plettenberg Bay

Written by AmakayaBP

Plettenberg Bay is known as a perfect summer holiday destination and one of the best spots in the world for whale watching (July-Nov). But outside of those seasons, there is still plenty to do and see and the phrase “Secret Season” has been coined because few people know about the excellent weather, artistic and sporting events and year-round fun to be had in Plett during the Secret Season.

Some Upcoming Events:

Site_Specific Land Art:

The Land Art events (the first of which happened in Plettenberg Bay in 2011) are set to become a favourite South African showcase. How can one argue with art and nature combined in such a beautiful setting. The Land Art events not only showcase the work of local and international artists but are closely linked to conservation and community development. The 2013 Land Art event has a series of initiatives starting in April and culminating with the main event in August.

21 April – 7 May 2013: Land Art Workshop
Conducted by Erica Lüttich includes local craft projects and a “running fences” installation around the areas of Kwanokuthula, New Horizons, Kranshoek & The Crags.

10-17 August 2013: Site_Specific Land Art event
The official Land Art event and display of the artists’ work. This is not to be missed and all of Plett is looking forward to the creations that spring up all over Plettenberg Bay and surrounding areas.


Photo by Elizabeth Olivier Kahlau


The Whale Rally:

14-16 June 2013
Presented by the Ulysses Motorcycle Club

We think that most bikers would agree that having a motorbike affords you more freedom than almost anyone else. Come the weekend, these explorers hop onto their motorbikes and can be anywhere in South Africa within 12 hours. The Whale Rally is a celebration of this culture, set in an ideal location along the Garden Route and is really all about Bikes, Bonfires and Boerewors Rolls. The Rally can host anything up to 1500 bikers per event, so if you are a bike fundi, the Whale Rally is where it’s all happening!

Photo from The Whale Rally website 


Wedge Classic:

2 – 6 July 2013

South Africa’s longest running bodyboarding contest is held every year in Plettenberg Bay, During the winter months, when the winter storms send swells rolling into the bay, delivering great waves for an exciting Wedge. The event usually attracts spectators and sponsors, making the Wedge Beach a great place to be. And bodyboarding is a thrilling spectator sport and a great day well spent on the beach. Amakaya Backpackers is also looking forward to playing host to some of the contestants, so contact us for more information.