Plett Adventure Bike Week 2014

Written by AmakayaBP


Bike Week Logo2014 will see the first Adventure Bike Week take place in Plett – so what is it all about? Adventure biking is the fastest growing segment in the motorcycling market in South Africa and Plett provides the ideal base for accessing and exploring some of the most incredible biking terrain in South Africa!


Within close proximity of Plett are an awesome selection of routes including the renowned Baviaanskloof, the Swartberg Pass into Die Hel, the Montague Pass and Prince Alfred Pass; additionally there are routes to suit every biker ranging from a few hours to a full day, or 2, or 3. The Plett Adventure Bike week will welcome all riders and brands of adventure bikes to Plett and the surrounding areas. The exhibition area, in Plett, will be the gathering point for riders looking to explore the various routes and will have a number of manufacturers and vendors exhibiting during the event.


Plett Adventure Bike Week is not about racing; it’s not about competing; it’s a celebration; it’s sharing; it’s about your love for- and it’s a showcase of- Adventure Biking.




Plett is also the ideal place to bring the family and non-riders along, as there is no shortage of activities and adventures to be enjoyed. The adventure bike week will provide the perfect opportunity for individual riders to meet and enjoy the company of other bikers and for clubs to host their annual gatherings. For more information on the Plett Adventure Bike Week, visit their website

The Routes:Bike-Week2

There are presently 24 routes planned – and we will be adding to this list:

  • 16 X Half-day routes
  • 4 X One-day routes
  • 2 X Two-day routes
  • 2 X Three-day routes

Whilst most of these routes are mainly sand/dirt roads, there are plenty of excellent tar roads for riding in the area. In addition, there are many variations to the routes and you can choose to get back onto the tar at any time that you may feel dirt-road fatigue.

At Amakaya Backpackers we are bikers ourselves and are looking forward to hosting many riders during the Plett Adventure Bike week – check availabaility here: