Kloofing in Plett

Written by AmakayaBP

KloofFor us at Amakaya Backpackers, travelling and backpacking equals adventure, so we get super excited when a new adventure product is released in the Plettenberg Bay area. We are especially keen to try out the new offering from Africanyon Adventures in The Crags (15 minutes from Plett centre and the backpackers) – Kloofing in the The Crags.
What is “Kloofing” you may ask? Well in other parts of the world, it may be known as canyoning or canyoneering, but in South Africa – it’s kloofing! Kloofing is an adventure activity which typically involves dropping or climbing down into a deep ravine or waterway and exploring the area by any means necessary: swimming, abseiling, hiking, climbing, jumping and generally having a blast.
The Africanyon adventure takes place in the pristine Crags Area (also home to Animal Alley – Birds of Eden, Crags Elephant Park, Jukani Wilkdlife Sanctuary, Monkeyland) and tourists get to “run the river” through fresh water mountain pools, turned a deep brown by the tannins the water contains, abseil down waterfalls and slip down waterslides on the African Adventure of a lifetime!

The adventure takes 3-4 hours and Africanyon provides all the equipment: wetsuits, harness, helmet and life jacket (if requested), all you need to bring is your swimming Kloof2costume, towel and shoes that will get wet, so make sure they have a good grip. Experienced guides take visitors through a thorough briefing to ensure that beginners, novices and experienced kloofers get the very best out of their Africanyon adventure.

The new kloofing adventure in Plettenberg Bay is one that we can’t wait to try! Watch this space for more information or check out their promo video about travelling into the unknown: