Food and Film equals a good night

Written by AmakayaBP

They go together like popcorn and Disney movies, like pizza & DVD’s – food & film. Now, take that a step further and taste dishes inspired by the films you have just watched and you’ve got a “taste” of what the unique Plett Food & Film at the Plett ARTS Festival is all about.

The Plett Food & Film, now in its fourth year, forms one of the anchor events during the Plett ARTS Festival – our mid-year celebration in June & July. It’s three days of indulging in brilliant films, great entertainment and tasting delicious dishes. Below we’ll break down the three evenings of Plett Food & Film, headlined by the movies, but we think the food might be the real stars!

Monday 10th July: Katrina

FILM: Plett’s own Jill Kirkland is the star of Katrina and the guest of honour at the screening of this 1969 classic South African film. Katrina is based on a powerful story written by Basil Warner, Try for White. The film was, for its time, a shocking exposé of the horrors of apartheid and the racial classification system. It focuses on a ‘coloured’ woman, Katrina, who ‘tries for white’. The film remains of the most innovative films to come out of the apartheid years of the sixties.

FOOD: Nguni Restaurant will be preparing Cape Cuisine paired with our very own Plett wines for an intimate and relevant journey of taste. Celebrity baker, Murray Pienaar, will be serving Cape Malay desserts and fresh koeksusters to end the evening.

ENTERTAINMENT: Steve Ashley, lead singer of the Staccatos sings their hit song Cry to Me at this year’s Plett Food & Film which features in the movie, Katrina. In 1969, it charted for 38 weeks on the Springbok Hit Parade, reaching the number 1 position. Jill Kirkland sang the theme song for the film and Robyn Brouckaert, Jill Kirkland’s daughter, sings folk melodies from Katrina with guitar, accompanied by the clarinet.

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Tuesday 11th July: Tangerines

FILM: Tangerines received an Oscar Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year and a Golden Globe Nomination also for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year. Tangerines is a humanist, anti-war fable set in 1992, during the growing conflict between Georgia and Abkhazian separatists. In the wake of the Soviet Union’s dissolution, this compassionate tale focuses on two Estonian immigrant farmers who decide to remain in Georgia long enough to harvest their tangerine crop. 

FOOD: In true Russian style, the evening starts off with a taste of Mandarin (get it? Tangerines) Absolut Vodka. We’re looking forward to this evening for simply delicious soup and bread, cheese and pickles and can tell you from experience, the cheese platters at Plett Food & Film are sublime!

ENTERTAINMENT: This promises to be a funky evening for entertainment with the band, Playing with Fire – one of the founding bands of the now-famous Cape Town Balkanology Parties.

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Wednesday 12th July: Casablanca 

FILM: Casablanca earned eight Academy Award Nominations, which lead to three Oscars – Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture. It’s probably no stretch to say that Casablanca is arguably one of America’s best-loved movies. When anyone mentions Casablanca, there are two names that come to mind – Bogart and Bergman. It’s a perfect cast, with a gloriously intense level of romantic tension!

FOOD: Celebrity chef, TV presenter and author, Jenny Morris is preparing a much-anticipated Moroccan feast along with a live presentation packed with insider tips on Moroccan cooking served with tastings from three Plett vineyards. The film’s famous gin bar will be represented by Beefeater Gin.

ENTERTAINMENT: As the lights come up, you are in for a treat with acclaimed musician, Martin Wolfaardt aka “Sam” as he plays it again on his piano. The Gin Bar opens for connoisseurs of genièvre and the night has just begun.

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