Beaches of Plett: Keurboomsstrand

Written by AmakayaBP

Keurbooms1There are a number of beautiful beaches in Plettenberg Bay. Keurboomsstrand is one of our favourites for a number of reasons.

Keurboomsstrand is named for the Keurboom plant meaning: Choice Tree and is adjacent to the Keurbooms river and lagoon. The beach stretches for kilometres and is a popular one to visit for long, quiet walks, interesting caves and rock formations and unique views of the Robberg Peninsula.

One needs to drive from Amakaya Backpackers, as the Keurboomsstrand (Keurbooms Beach) is most easily access just outside Plettenberg Bay. The beach itself is strewn with driftwood and, being outside of the sheltering arm of Robberg Peninsula and open to Indian Ocean, the waves can be large and heavy. Although on calmer days, it’s great for swimming and wading in the rock pools. Whales, during whale season, and dolphins are often spotted from the shore along this stretch of beach. As far as Plett beaches go, Keurbooms is quieter than most, so for those looking to enjoy the natural surroundings without the crowds, Keurbooms is a good “choice”.

Another reason to visit Keurbooms is the caves and rock formations, the most well known being Arch Rock. This natural archway has been formed by millennia of wave action and has a smaller hole directly above the arch through which visitors attempt to throw stones. Tradition dictates that it’s good luck to get the stone through this hole, although we’ve never quite managed it!